A phase-field based, comprehensive simulation software package.


μ-PRO® is a software package, with user-friendly command line/ graphical interfaces* and manuals, for materials researchers in academia and industry to model and predict the temporal evolution of materials internal local microstructures and properties as well as overall responses of an entire microstructure under externally mechanical, electric or magnetic fields, and thus to guide the understanding of experimental observations on existing materials or the design and discovery of new materials microstructures.


The current μ-PRO package has three modules available. And more are coming!


For modeling 3D polarization domain structure evolution under external thermal, chemical, electrical, and mechanical stimuli in bulk single crystals, epitaxial thin films, and nanostructures.


For modeling 3D temporal evolution of local magnetization in response to external mechanical, magnetic, current-induced spin torque stimuli in bulk, thin film, nanostructural crystalline and amorphous magnetic materials.

Effective properties

For computing effective properties of arbitrary microstructure ranging from diffusivity, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, elastic stiffness, dielectric permittivity to coupled properties such as piezoelectric coefficients, magnetoelectric coefficients with experimentally characterized or computed microstructures as inputs.


Calculating the effective impedance under various frequencies given the permittivity, conductivity, and polarization distribution for a composite system.

Dielectric Breakdown

This module is a stochastic simulation program for predicting the breakdown path in dielectric materials. It simulates the breakdown path development within a dielectric composite material. The simulation system must be in rectangular shape, while arbitrary number of phases of any geometry can be considered in the simulation.